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Smirnoff: Be There

Marketing Challenge:

To generate awareness and affinity for the Smirnoff Brand and to make consumers look at the brand in a new light.


GTM designed once in a lifetime experiences that brought the Be There platform to life across America. From New York to Los Angeles, GTM customized experiences to tap into the unique personalities of each market and connect with its residents. In Austin, which is known for its artistic community and creative culture, GTM created a "Sole Party" where consumers were able to listen to incredible DJ's, see live bands, dip their feet in paint and dance all over a canvas dance floor. Several consumer Ambassadors were picked to be the voice of the brand and placed in live video shoots as well as out of home shoots that took place in the midst of the party.


Advertising was created on site, and entered the Diageo system for use in the field. This rapid creation of advertising and speed to market helped create an even greater connection to the brand. Over 2,000 tastemakers signed up for the Austin event, with reach of over 200,000 through tweets and other social media.