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Current TV

Marketing Challenge:

To generate awareness, create demand and expand distribution for Former Vice President Al Gore's new television network, Current TV. Additional goals included building a database of passionate missionaries and culture leaders while encouraging submissions of viewer-created content.


GTM created "Take Back TV", a live cultural mash up tour in three markets: San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia featuring top artists—Mos Def, The Roots, Simon Dawes, De La Soul & Lauryn Hill. Attendance ranged from 5,000 to 8000 at the events as the entire experience was webcast via a partnership with Sun Microsystems. Attendees were encouraged to take pictures and footage to share with their friends through social media. In addition, INTERACTivists™ distributed premiums, reinforced the brand message and facilitated data collection.


  • Current TV secured a 10 year distribution deal with Comcast
  • Added 8 million new homes - a 50% increase in distribution
  • Take Back TV's marketing efforts created 33 million media impressions
  • Distribution of over 90,000 Take Back TV premiums
  • Built a national database of over 30,000 tastemakers and culture leaders