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The Loving Story

HBO: The Loving Story

Marketing Challenge:

HBO shot the epic human rights story about the Lovings. A story set in the 50's about a brave interracial couple who lived in segregated Virginia community. The docudrama captured their fight to be recognized as legally married. HBO needed to bring awareness to the documentary and its airdate on the network.

The Loving Story


GTM reached out to interracial couples in LA, NY and ATL who have either knowingly or unknowingly benefited from the Supreme Court's decision to amend the constitution and acknowledge interracial marriages. Interview style shorts were shot that mirrored the storyline of the documentary. The content was edited with the airdate and times as a bumper to each of the 8 shorts that were shot. Content was distributed through relevant portals and HBO's website in the form of rich media ad units.


  • 42% of viewers watched at least 60 seconds of the 2 min of the video.
  • Video delivered 2,215,981 impressions, exceeding its goal of 1,000,000.