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Smirnoff: Master of the Mix


Marketing Challenge:

To establish a meaningful connection with the 25-35 year old urban consumer and Smirnoff, the best selling vodka in the world.


GTM and Smirnoff partnered to create Master of The Mix, a 360° degree platform with a reality TV show at its core that tapped into the cultural insight that DJ's are key influencers and tastemakers in nightlife culture. A DJ-Music competition show, MOTM debuted on BET in seasons 1 ™ 2 and will air on another Viacom network in season 3 in 2013. The filming of the show incorporated live events that invited the public to tie in with local promoters, as the DJ's compete in front of real audiences. As a result, the winner is awarded a $250,000 cash prize and a one-year contract as a Smirnoff DJ/Brand Ambassador.

This unprecedented platform with the show at its center utilized extended online content, digital and mobile media, out of home and national print media, robust social media efforts, off premise activations, custom product offerings, on premise viewing parties, retail restaurant promotions and radio partnerships.


Master of the Mix has been a tremendous success for the Smirnoff brand. Smirnoff saw an immediate increase in new account calls and case sales.

  • Smirnoff is leading the vodka category in sales for the first time in 4 years
  • Over 10 million viewers watched season 2
  • Over 1 million viewers for each episode
  • 250 million digital impressions
  • 335 million media impressions were garnered for the brand during the show's 2nd season
  • The show has been picked up for a 3rd season and will have global distribution
  • Smirnoff has given DJ culture its biggest global platform empowering thousands of DJ's worldwide

Campaign Awards:

Diageo North America Marketing Brilliance Award 2011