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Sprite: "Welcome to Our World" Immersion

Marketing Challenge:

To gain authentic insight into the values, beliefs, lifestyle and commonalities of African-American, Anglo and Hispanic Teen "Influentials", to re-articulate the Sprite brand and identify avenues to increase brand loyalty, volume and frequency.


GTM created the "Welcome to My World" cross-cultural research and immersion experience, to discover, expose and explore new and universal teen truths that resonate among African-American, Anglo and Hispanic Teen "Influentials". GTM selected teams of cross-cultural INTERACTivists™ and "Culture Creators" in New York City, Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta, and immersed cross-functional brand and agency teams, in a series of up-close-and-personal immersion experiences.

GTM employed three phases of activation to gain insights through traditional, authentic and "organic" interactions and created new ways for Sprite to engage teens in their world. At Environmental Immersions, cross-functional teams took a guided cultural tour and deep dive into the lives and lifestyles of African-American teens. During Individuality Forums (Town Hall Meetings), African-American teens shared their thoughts and spoke their minds about where they are now, and future goals. In addition, African-American teens engaged in a series of focus groups to provide their reaction and response to various Sprite commercial campaigns during the communication probes.


Findings and insights derived from the ethnographic study were considered groundbreaking by Sprite's brand team and the Coca Cola Company, resulting in a company-wide presentation of the findings across Coca Cola Company brands. Many of the insights were immediately implemented in support of the Sprite brand. GTM and Media Vest received the Creative Media Award for Best Research & Consumer Insights, for the "Welcome to My World" research and immersion experience.