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That's Not Cool

That's Not Cool

Marketing Challenge:

To educate teens on how to identify digital abuse and to ultimately drive traffic to the thatsnotcool.com website.


GTM utilized an integrated non-traditional approach of in-market and online marketing elements to engage a teen target on the issue of digital abuse. For 6 weeks, GTM conducted guerrilla media stunts to provoke new thoughts and initiate conversations about digital violence. The stunts were conducted in New York and Los Angeles. GTM hired 11 trained actors to perform skits on the key issues of digital abuse—controlling, pressuring, and privacy. These skits engaged nearly 100,000 teens sharing knowledge and understanding of digital violence. Each of the 170 skits performed were documented and seeded online to sustain the program throughout the rest of the summer into fall.

In addition, GTM tapped into the power of its team of INTERACTivists™ in these markets who networked with teens on-site and spread the that's not cool message through videos and comments within their social networks.


  • Nearly 100,000 teens were reached on-site through the performances of 170 skits
  • 33,000 branded card key chains were distributed as premiums.
  • 5,400 high touch impressions from music download card key chains were generated.
  • 90% of survey respondents thought that the skits were interesting
  • 73% of survey respondents could relate to the skits from personal experience
  • 90% of survey respondents visited website as a result of interaction with the TNC field team.