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truth® Campaign: Branded Entertainment FUSE TV Episode


Marketing Challenge:

Create and execute the truth® grassroots marketing campaign to promote anti-smoking in a way that young people will relate to and embrace on their own terms. The campaign also needed to succeed in facilitating peer to peer sharing of opinion and information, with the goal of creating viral spreading of the campaign message among these targeted teens.


GTM collaborated with Fuse TV to capture footage of the truth® campaign as it created impact during various music and sports tours; the VANS Warped Music Tour, Honda Civic Tour, Super Girl Jam, Afro Punk, as well as a guerrilla marketing tour in 50 cities throughout the summer and fall seasons. In addition, GTM created INTERACTivism™—a peer to peer, culture based approach to marketing. GTM selected and trained 25 INTERACTivist to travel the country on rock, punk, hip-hop and basketball tours to reach each sub-culture. Their experiences as brand ambassadors were then turned into content.


The truth® campaign tour bus captured attendees' attention year after year since its inception in 2000.

  • Generated over 9.5 million impressions in 2010
  • Interacted with over 8.5 million teens on site
  • Engaged attendees with over 500,000 branded premiums
  • Captured over 100,000 email addresses
  • Recorded from the campaign became FUSE TV's highest rated show of summer 2007
  • Reduced teen smoking by 33% and saved over 100,000 teen lives
  • Campaign executed in partnership with Arnold and Crispin Porter Bogusky

Campaign Awards

  • Silver Effie New York AMA David vs. Goliath and Non-Profit (2007)
  • Silver Effie New York AMA Pro-Bono & Public Service (2007)
  • Most Effective Long-term Campaign - Promo Magazine (2005)
  • Top Mobile tour of 2004 - Promo Magazine (2004)
  • The Grand Effie - New York AMA (2003) Overall campaign award
  • The Award for Achievement and Diversity - Boston AD Club (2003)
  • The Gold Reggie for Cause Marketing – PMA (2002)
  • The Guerrilla Marketing Campaign of the Year - Brand Week (2001)